Partisan or Election Advertising

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As we are currently in the run up to a Federal Election, it is important to consider the rules around partisan or election advertising and how they might relate to your organization.   Even if you are not specifically naming a candidate or party in your communications, the subject matter of your blog posts, website, news releases, or other communications may be considered, by Elections Canada, to fall under their rules.

The Elections Canada website, with complete information on this subject, can be found here

As noted on the above website,  partisan or election advertising promotes or opposes a political actor, including a party or a candidate. During the election period, this could include advertising that takes a position on an issue that is associated with a candidate or party, without referring to the party, candidate or other actor.  

This type of communication is sometimes called “issue advertising”, and may be considered a partisan activity and fall under the Elections Canada rules.

If that is the case, you must register as a third party with Elections Canada immediately upon incurring costs of $500 or more.

If you think that any of your communications may fall under these rules, you should consult with Elections Canada, and /or your legal counsel to ensure you are not off-side.

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